Thursday, August 25, 2011


Sometimes I start posts and forget that they are still in Draft...

So now we are approaching the end of August, summer is nearly over and a new school year awaits. Although it has been ages since I spent these upcoming weeks getting a student outfitted, I still respond to the academic calendar. The old year is winding down now, tired and hot and ready for a long rest. The new year begins when the classroom doors open and children head out bravely into new adventures.

I spent the summer doing various things, but every Monday I had Knit Club. Twenty girls signed up, and there were five when we ended. Several of the original group were there just for that first week, but I hadn't told them they couldn't come and try, and now I have several kits with only a few rows on the needles, some without even the requisite 16 stitches cast on. Those I'll take apart, peel the name tags from the bags, roll the yarn again into the balls, ready for the next girls who want to learn this skill.

Our county Fair stretched into August this year, four weeks of fun and strangeness, bad food I no longer eat, interesting artisans displaying their skills. One day I had a chance to knit with a group working on the World's Largest Sock. The project has been moving around the world since 2006, when it was begun in Great Britain. I got a sticker for my participation.