Tuesday, January 17, 2012

October through December

I began this in October, but it was a busy month for us...

One week from tonight we'll be in Sarasota, hosting a rehearsal dinner on the eve of our son's wedding. There's a lot to be done in this next week, and I hope I have some time to pause and think about this latest change in our lives. We will no longer have a single child. instead we'll have two married sons and two lovely daughters-in-law.

And that's as far as I got, because that last week was filled with the many small tasks that are necessary for a smooth and stressless party. We went off to Florida on the 25th, flying with our son and his daughter to Ft Lauderdale, then driving 170 miles to Punta Gorda. We spent two hours at LAX watching Virgin America mechanics climb in and out of a hatch under the nose, fixing whatever it was that prevented our departure. She enjoyed the activity and watched intently as trucks came and went. The President was in LA that day, and the airport shut down as Air Force One left. Eventually our plane was fixed and we flew away.

Florida was nicely humid and warm, but the pools were cold. Thursday we left PG and went to Sarasota for four days of wedding festivities with family, friends and strangers.

And again I stopped, so now it is the middle of January in a new year. The kids are wedded, honeymooned, and home again, settled down to normal life. The holidays were celebrated appropriately, and I am now covered by Medicare.

Monday Chris's book about Haiti came out in the Kindle Store, and there was a flurry as the news was posted and reposted on Facebook. It was all very exciting. Tomorrow the hardcopy version will be available.

We had four days with no heat, until today, when the repairman came to do install a new circuit board. We have heat again. It was so cold in the house, below 60, that I didn't mind going to the lab for blood work this morning.